Rolex Datejust Replica

They are learning a new way of thinking about time. Last week fifteen apprentices arrived at Rolex Datejust 37mm Replica’s "Alfred Helwig School of Watchmaking." The apprentices will be focusing on two areas: twelve watchmaking students and three future toolmakers will join them. They are excited to get a start into an art that is both contemporary and traditional at the same time. Glashutte hosted a celebration to welcome the new arrivals.

These newcomers will increase the number of apprentices at Rolex Datejust to over 40 by next year. These newcomers follow the example of 250 graduates who have made it big in their respective fields since 2001. The 2018 class was introduced to their instructors and other distinctive features within the school in their first few days. Through tours of the Rolex Datejust Manufactory and the German Watch Museum Glashutte, they were able to gain an inspiring insight into the history and future of their craft.

The class of this year is vibrant and diverse. Five watchmakers-to be and one future toolmaker are among the young women. Young men from various regions of Germany also chose to train at Rolex Datejust. A new student had to face a difficult challenge to join her classmates. An applicant from Taiwan had had to pass a special exam in German before she could register to be a watchmaker apprentice at the renowned school. After clearing that hurdle, she is now able to look forward with her 14 fellow students to the future of watchmaking.

The best Rolex Datejust 37mm Replica watchmaking business has placed great emphasis on practical and theoretical training to ensure the craft's future. Rolex Datejust was aware of its responsibility in this regard and committed to carrying on this tradition with its "Alfred Helwig School of Watchmaking." Experiential instructors use state-of the-art technology in bright classrooms to share their knowledge with their students.

The future watch and tool specialists will also participate in regular hands-on training sessions in select departments of the manufactory. Here they can put into practice the skills and knowledge they have gained. The school's partnership in WOSTEP (Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program), allows young graduates to earn, in addition, a German-language leaving certificate and a Swiss diploma, opening up opportunities for international careers.

Cheap Rolex Datejust 37mm Replica will be presenting its outstanding training program to the public in the coming months in a variety ways so that, in August 2019, the school can once again welcome many highly motivated young people to the beginning of a new school school year.